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conference 29th EUGridPMA Meeting   from Monday 09 September 2013 (09:30)
to Wednesday 11 September 2013 (13:00)
at Universitatea de Stiinte Agronomice
chaired by: David Groep (Nikhef)
Organised by ROSA and the RomanianGrid CA
Venue location 
Universitatea de Stiinte Agronomice si Medicina Veterinara - Facultatea de Imbunatatiri Funciare si Ingineria Mediului
Bulevardul Marasti, nr. 59, Bucuresti

Monday 09 September 2013 toptop
09:30 Welcome (15') David Groep
Welcome from local host, agenda, minutes last meeting, note taker, introductions
09:45 Round-table update (15')
10:00 Updates from the APGridPMA (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Eric Yen
10:20 TAGPMA update (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Derek Simmel
10:40 Report-out from the self-audit review (20') Kaspars Krampis
Coffee (30')
11:30 CA update I: AEGIS (30') (files Slides ppt file  ) Dusan
12:00 CA update II: the CERN CA SHA-2 infrastructure (30') (files Slides pdf file  ) Paolo Tedesco
Lunch (1h30')
14:00 PRACE and Prace T1 user authentication and vetting (30') (files Slides ppt file  ) Vincent Ribaillier
14:30 IOTA AP: meeting RP requirements (1h00') (files Slides ppt file  )
Tea (30')
16:00 IOTA AP: Questionnaire for downstream RPs (1h00') (files Paper pdf file  ) David Groep, Dave Kelsey

Tuesday 10 September 2013 toptop
09:15 new CA presentation: Georgia (tbc) (15') Tamar Gogua
09:30 CA update IV: HITSA and the BalticGrid CA (30') (files Slides pdf file  ) Hardi Teder
10:00 SHA-2 status and readiness (45') David Groep
10:45 OCSP Guidance for RPs and CAs (15')
Coffee (30')
11:30 IGTF Risk Assessment Team Challenge report-out (30') (files Slides presentation file  ) Ursula Epting
12:00 Compliance assessment criteria and actions (30') David Groep
Lunch (1h30')
14:00 Resilience for CAs: staff, operations, and HSMs (1h30') Jens Jensen
1. ROBAB and other resilience planning – but we still do not have good ways of protecting CA private keys (in general); 
2. The HSM: having an HSM is great for online CAs except on the timescale of changing hardware and hardware architectures.
Tea (30')
16:00 Presentation of the next 30th meeting in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK (15') (files Slides pdf file ppt file  ) Dave Kelsey
16:15 Guidelines on the operation of trusted credential stores (and AA Ops) (45') Dave Kelsey
implementation and way forward

Wednesday 11 September 2013 toptop
09:30 TechWednesday (1h30') (files Slides ppt file  )
CA certificate renewal guidance (serial number);
Testing possibilities for production use;
RP questionnaire (cntd);
hiding certificates from end-users and increased use of credential repos;
progress on the IGTF test suite construction; 
preparation for the IGTF All Hands;
EGI TF session on identity management requirements;
code sharing and libraries; 
use of DNSSEC;
Coffee (30')
11:30 TechWednesday (1h30')

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